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Семестровая работа

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Выполнил: студент группы МВ-5.1н Трунов М.Д.
Проверил: Лазарева О. В.

Оценка работы _________________ баллов
Волгоград, 2011г.

Manufacture of mobile gasoline tanks in AlMg5 aluminium alloy.

After a road accident in Moscow, in the mid-1990s - when a gasoline truck crashed, overturned and caught fire, killing many people - it became clear that some USSR designed trucks posed a threat to life. This, together with rigid weight limitations established on Russian roads, created a demand from transportation companies for safe trucks having low weight and as large as possible cargo volumes. Across the world, aluminium-magnesium alloys are proven to be a viable alternative for tanks. They have a high strength/weight ratio, are ductile and corrosion resistant, and do not spark and catch fire, if an accident occurs. However, the use of these alloys in tank construction requires special welding skills and dedicated welding equipment and consumables.

ZAO BECEMA, located in Krasnogorsk, near Moscow, manufactures tank trucks for heavy or light mineral oil transportation. Founded in 1932, the company originally produced armoured concrete products. In 1945, it was transformed into a machine-building factory. Presently, it produces a wide range of road transport vehicules, including semi-trailers for transporting powder materials and liquids, tank trucks for light and heavy mineral oil transportation, tippers, road construction machines and technological equipment for cement, metallurgical and chemical industries.

In 1996, it began steel tank production, especially for gasoline transportation, complying with all European safety norms and technically supported by HOBUR (Netherlands) and LAG (Belgium). From the year 2000, the rapid growth in the Russian economy generated a huge demand for aluminium gasoline tank trucks, which were imported from Europe. With healthy market conditions, ZAO BECEMA management decided to develop aluminium manufacturing, resulting in their own range of aluminium gasoline trucks. ESAB supported the company during this period of development.

^ Challenges in aluminium fabrication

The first challenge was to change employees' "psychology" from steel to aluminium fabrication. They needed to understand and apply complete separation of steel and aluminium - be it in storage, transport or production. ZAO BECEMA invested in a new factory lay-out, new machines for aluminium fabrication, and tools and clothing for workers, only for use on aluminium. New routines were established, such as the cleaning of common equipment, before starting aluminium fabrication, and the prohibition of abrasive materials, eg, for bevel grinding. Another challenge was to find the right aluminium quality. Aluminium alloys produced to Russian standards either have insufficient strength -requiring thicker construction with a sharply reduced weight advantage relative to steel - or have insufficient ductile properties (elongation below 17%). It was also difficult to purchase plate sufficiently wide to avoid welding on the caps and internal separation walls of the tank, and the associated risk of crack propagation during cold pressing and flanging. However, the Russian Samara aluminium works was able to supply wide AlMg5 plates with sufficient strength and ductility (Rm: 285-300 MPa/ elongation: 22-26%).

The need to automate the welding and rolling processes for the aluminium tanks resulted in the purchase of an ESAB FD60HP plate seamer with PT-8 plasma torch, which allows one-sided, full-penetration welding of aluminium plates up to 8 mm thick.

FACCIN, Italy, supplied a CNC-controlled bending machine with four 6 m long rollers.

The last serious item to be resolved was the safety of the welders, particularly for those performing MIG-welding within a vessel where ventilation is difficult or impossible. This was solved by the combined use of local extraction, a MIG torch with fume extraction and a fresh air helmet.

^ Welding material selection

Although type 5356 welding wire matches the plate composition chemically, practice shows that it yields a 5-10% lower weld strength. Since the tanks do not experience high temperatures, type 5183 wire could be selected, giving matching strength and good ductility - OK Autrod 5183 for MIG and automatic plasma welding and OK Tigrod 5183 for TIG welding. Tables 1 and 2 show the results of tensile and bend tests on coupons welded with respectively two-sided pulse MIG and one-sided plasma welding on a stainless backing.

^ Tank construction and manufacture - variety of welding used.

A tank consists of a long cylindrical body, closed on both sides by caps. Internally the vessel is divided into several sections by walls with the same form as the caps, according to the contractor's requirements (Figure 3). If the volume of a section exceeds 8 m3, extra deflector plates divide it, to break waves in case of an abrupt stoppage of the truck.

The automatic plasma welder fabricates plates with a width up to 6 m, which are rolled to a cylinder. To close the cylinder, a final double-sided longitudinal run is performed by pulse MIG welding. The first run is performed on self-adhesive ceramic backings, PZ 1500/70, supplied by ESAB. Subsequently, the root area is removed mechanically, followed by a final run on the opposite side.

All caps, separation walls and deflector plates are connected to the tank with fillet welds made by pulse MIG. If the tank length exceeds 6 m, cylinders are joined with a circumferential weld made in the same way as the longitudinal welds -pulse MIG on ceramic backing strip.

All boxes, ladders, fences, etc, are welded onto the tank using pulse MIG. Only tubes and inlets to the tank are welded using the TIG process.

^ Automatic plasma welding

The semi-automatic MIG welding of plate sections with a size of 6000 x 6300 x 6 mm from separate sheet plates proved not to be feasible because of strong distortion and many defects. This problem was effectively solved with the ESAB FD60HP plate seamer and PT-8 plasma torch. This equipment welds carbon and stainless steel without weld pool support and shielding gas while, for aluminium plate, a copper backing bar is normally used.

However, the standard ESAB copper backing bar did not give good results in this application. The specific groove shape , promotes free formation of the root. The welding parameter range for a stable process - giving full penetration welds and no weld pool collapse - was too narrow for practical use. The tip-wear of the tungsten electrode, resulting in a less focused arc, already caused lack of fusion within a weld length of 6 m. The operator had to manually compensate by increasing gas flow, whilst seeing only the surface of the weld - not the root. OAO Kriogenmash, a Russian company with great experience in aluminium vessel fabrication, provided the solution. They recommended a special stainless backing bar with a very specific root shape, which promotes a forced root formation . This increased the process stability sufficiently and widened the parameter range. It made the welding operation less sensitive to heat input, with reduced risk of burning through or the entrapment of oxides.

Сompares the root passes produced on the stainless backing bar with those made on a copper backing bar. Both are I-joints with zero gap. The photographs reveal that a bigger weld pool is possible on the stainless backing bar, creating a nice bead width, while the root solidifies uniformly, instead of in droplets. The better shape is confirmed by the macrosections of Figure 6. The transition of the bead onto the base material is smoother.

^ Fruitful co-operation

ZAO BECEMA partnered with ESAB for their welding needs, when changing from carbon steel to aluminium fabrication. Within two months, this resulted in the installation and use of high technology equipment, the selection of the right filler materials and the successful training of welders and operators. This enabled the company to quickly convert tank truck production from carbon steel to aluminium, taking full advantage of high market demand.

Product News

ESAB is launching three new products to increase productivity and reduce costs in orbital welding. First, the Aristo™ MechTig C2002i is a compact, robust, user-friendly power source that features an integral water cooler and high-specification controller with graphical interface, program library and auto-generation of welding programs.

Second, the Aristo™ MechControl 2 control unit has the same control features as the Aristo™ MechTig C2002i but with a separate power source and cooler. Third, the Aristo™ MechControl 4 is similar to the Aristo™ MechControl 2, with additional arc voltage control (AVC) and weaving control. When used with suitable welding heads, all three are highly efficient at producing top-quality tube welds in the food, beverage, dairy, chemical, pharmaceutical/biochemistry, semiconductor, aerospace, shipbuilding and general engineering industries.

Mechanised TIG welding is an efficient way to increase productivity, improve quality and reduce costs when welding tubes. ESAB's new modular Aristo™ MechTig C2002i power source is highly adaptable, enabling systems to be configured to precisely match customers' requirements. The machine delivers 180 Amps at a 35% duty cycle, or 110 Amps at a 100% duty cycle. Both the rotation motor and the wire feed motor are controlled by the control unit, which ensures that the welding parameters remain close to the ideal.

Getting the most out of the power source is simple by virtue of the 10inch colour display; a Windows-like user interface enables operatives to call up a program from the built-in library or generate a program automatically by entering data such as the material, outer diameter and tube thickness. Programs generated this way can be added to the library. Alternatively, all welding parameters can be set manually via a graphical or spreadsheet interface.

Another feature of the Aristo™ MechTig C2002i is the integral printer that can output a hard copy of the programmed welding parameters and the measured values for speed, current, voltage, wire and power. Time and date stamps, plus the power source ID, run number and total weld time, aid compliance with traceability requirements.

A USB connection enables users to transfer welding programs between machines, store backups and update the welding programs.

If the customer needs higher current then we can offer the power sources Aristo™ MechTig 3000i or Aristo™ MechTig 4000i together with the control unit Aristo™ MechControl 2. The user interface is the same as for the Aristo™ MechTig C2002i power source.

For applications requiring arc voltage control and/ or weaving, the Aristo™ MechControl 4 control unit provides the necessary additional functionality when used together with a suitable power source.

ESAB offers numerous welding heads that are compatible with the three new machines, enabling complete orbital welding systems to be assembled to match the requirements of particular applications.

Further options include the Weldoc WMS 4000 Welding Monitoring Documentation System for compliance with the ISO 9000/SS-EN 729 international welding quality standard. Alternatively, the SPS 4000 package records just the parameter settings. If required, ESAB also offers the MechT 1 with CAN remote control and display functions.

^ Изготовление бензовозов из алюминиевого сплава AlMg5

После аварии, произошедшей в середине 90-х годов на одной из улиц Москвы, когда из перевернувшегося бензовоза вытекло топливо и в возникшем пожаре погибло множество людей, стало очевидно, что перевозчики топлива, разработанные в соответствии со стандартами, принятыми в СССР, несут в себе потенциальную угрозу для жизни. С другой стороны, жесткие ограничения по общему весу автопоезда, установленные на российских дорогах, создали спрос со стороны транспортных компаний на безопасные автоцистерны, сочетающие в себе максимальную вместимость и минимальный вес. Мировой опыт показал, что на сегодняшний день оптимальным материалом для изготовления подобных сосудов являются алюминиево-магниевые сплавы. Они обладают небольшим по сравнению с другими конструкционными материалами удельным весом, достаточно высокими прочностными и пластическими показателями, высокой коррозионной стойкостью и, в случае опрокидывания бензовоза, не склонны к искрообразованию при трении о дорожное покрытие. Однако применение данных сплавов для создания сварных конструкций требует некоторых специальных навыков, а также соответствующего оборудования и сварочных материалов.

Компания ЗАО «БЕЦЕМА» расположена в г. Красногорске, недалеко от Москвы, изготавливает автоцистерны для перевозки светлых и темных нефтепродуктов. Основанная в 1932 году, компания первоначально занималась изготовлением конструкций из железобетона. В 1945 году она была перепрофилирована в машиностроительный завод. В настоящее время на заводе производится широкий спектр транспортных средств, включая полуприцепы для перевозки сыпучих материалов и жидкостей, автоцистерны для перевозки светлых и темных нефтепродуктов, самосвалы, дорожно-строительную технику и технологическое оборудование для цементных заводов.

С 1996 года при технической поддержке компаний «HOBUR» (Голландия) и «LAG» (Бельгия) предприятие освоило выпуск стальных бензовозов, отвечающих всем европейским нормам безопасности. С 2000 года стремительный рост российской экономики вызвал большой спрос на бензовозы с алюминиевыми цистернами, которые в то время импортировались из Европы. Тогда руководство ЗАО «БЕЦЕМА» приняло решение о начале производства собственной линии алюминиевых бензовозов. В период разработки компания опиралась на поддержку ESAB.

^ Сложности при работе с алюминием

Первая сложность заключалась в изменении психологии рабочих при переходе от стали к алюминию. Были изготовлены или закуплены инструменты, технологические и грузозахватные приспособления, спецодежда, предназначенные только для работы с алюминием. Рабочим, выполняющим операции по подготовке стыков под сварку, категорически было запрещено использовать абразивные материалы для зачистки кромок стыков. Другая сложность была связана с поиском алюминиевого сплава с надлежащими свойствами. Алюминиевые сплавы, производимые по российским стандартам, либо имели недостаточную прочность, что требовало использования больших толщин и явно снижало преимущество по

весу перед сталью, либо низкую пластичность (удлинение менее 17%). Кроме того, требовался широкий лист, чтобы избежать трещин в сварных швах на днищах сосудов, получаемых методом холодной штамповки и фланжировки.

Однако Самарский Металлургический комбинат смог выполнить заказ на прокат широкого листа из сплава AlMg5 по техническим условиям, заданным заводом, обеспечив пластичность материала в пределах δ = 22 - 26% при получении предела прочности σ = 285 - 300 МПа.

Необходимость автоматизации процесса сварки привела к покупке сварочной установки для сварки листовых заготовок ESAB FD60HP с плазменной горелкой PT-8, которая позволяет выполнять одностороннюю сварку с полным проваром алюминиевых пластин толщиной до 8 мм .

Для вальцовки сосудов были приобретены четырехвалковые 6-метровые гибочные вальцы с ЧПУ FACCIN, (Италия).

Последней серьезной проблемой явились вопросы охраны труда сварщиков, особенно тех, которые выполняли MIG-сварку внутри сосуда, где было невозможно организовать полноценную вытяжную вентиляцию. Вопрос удалось решить только за счет одновременного использования трех средств защиты - сварочной маски с системой подачи воздуха, системы местной вытяжной вентиляции и MIG-MAG горелки, оснащенной системой дымоудаления.
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